Screen Shot
Version : Standard
Size :
Liveview /Playback Version Low resolution High resolution
Live view Standard 68KB 663KB
Remote Live View Standard 88KB 665KB
Playback Standard 98KB 623KB
Functions Version Low resolution High resolution
E-map Standard 40KB 391KB
GUI Recording Schedule Standard 60KB 419KB
Playback Search Standard 28KB 246KB
Triple Monitor Standard 58KB 2.1MB
Video Enhancement Standard 55KB 343KB
Instant Reponse Standard 60KB 619KB
Functions Line v.3.5 114KB 1.5MB
Video Analysis Version Low resolution High resolution
General Motion Standard 74KB 579KB
Missing Object Standard 80KB 629KB
Foreign Object Standard 67KB 593KB
Camera occlusion Standard 64KB 565KB
Lose Focus Standard 68KB 567KB
Signal Lost Standard 48KB 369KB

We recommend FireFox Broswer or Google Chrome to view the CMYK(High resolution) picture.
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