Sep 13 2021
NUUO CMS v3.12

Release Version v3.12.0 (2021/09/13)

Fixed Bug

1. Exporting with audio is failed.

2. Client may crash when closing Live Video Dialog for camera from Crystal.

3. Server may stop responding on startup when many SN are activated.

4. Server may crash when amount of queried alarm history is huge.

5. Matrix may crash when many alarms occur concurrently.

6. Matrix grid coordinates may be invalid when running on a wide screen monitor.

7. Client may crash when a camera sent to Matrix is not recognized by Server.



1. Display metadata text for associated camera on E-Map after doing Metadata Search.

2. In Metadata Search Dialog, Playback Dialog for associated camera of each searched result can be opened.

3. On E-Map, right-clicking indicator icon of a camera with metadata text opens a Playback Dialog to playback each video clips with metadata.

4. Support MPEG4 AVI format in Export Video.

5. Support displaying live event text from Mainconsole Series in Client and Matrix.

6. Alarm Configuration Dialog can be re-sized and maximized.

7. Enhance user experience in Alarm Configuration Dialog by hiding unselected items.

8. Support exporting camera recording report in Camera Summary.


Support OS

1. Windows Vista 32 bit

2. Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit

3. Server 2008 R2 (64 bit)

4. Server 2012 R2 (Not officially support SQL 2005 by Microsoft)

5. Windows 8 64 bit (Need to disable Windows UAC before starting NCS system)

6. Windows 8.1 32 bit and 64 bit

7. Windows 10 32 bit and 64 bit

8. Windows Server 2019 (Need to install specific VC Redistributable)


Support NUUO product line

1. Mainconsole: 6.1.1 or later (DVR card only support 7000S)

2. NVRmini2: 1.6.1 or later

3. NVRsolo: 1.0 or later

4. Crystal: 3.1.0 or later

5. Titan NVR: 1.7.0 or later.

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