Mar 10 2022
NVR Device Pack version v22.3
Release Version v22.3 – March 10, 2022

Device Pack v 22.3
Supported Systems
Mainconsole v 4.1.12 and above / v.6.11.0 above 1
NVRmini 2 v 2.1.0 and above 2
NVRsolo v 1.1.1 and above 2
Titan NVR v 1.6.2 and above
NUUO Crystal™ v 2.0.3 and above
NVRmini3 v 04.01.0000.32 and above
New Camera
Forenix AI-2065BM (by NRSeries)
SANTEC Generic
l [Mainconsole/Crystal][Forenix][NRSeries / NISeries] 3
Support AI event
Firmware Ver.: VMC1.A.0.6 and VMC1.A.0.2_TG
Event list: Area1 Detection, Area2 Detection, Area3 Detection,
Area4 Detection, Area5 Detection
Event Type: Area, Queue, Crowd, Intrusion, Loiter, Line
Know issue: Trigger Output needs to be manually closed. (Crystal)
l [JACQUES] Fixed high CPU load when connecting to Jacques devices.

[NUUO Crystal™/NVRMini3/NVRMini2/NVRsolo+/NVRsolo]
l [Crystal][Vivotek] Abnormal connection, disconnection problem from time to time.
l [Forenix] NISeries/NRSeries can not set bitrate between 1Mbps to 4Mbps.
1 For Mainconsole multi-stream and setting function, please upgrade to Mainconsole v5.0.0 and above first.If camera is added or upgraded firmware after v4.0, it will support multistream setting.
For Mainconsole H.265, please upgrade to Mainconsole v6.0 and above first.
For the DP5.9 upgrade, please upgrade to Mainconsole v.6.11.0 and above first.
2 For NVRmini 2 and NVRsolo multi-stream setting function, please upgrade to NVRmini 2/NVRsolo v2.0.0 and above first.
3 Performance issue: NRSeries / NISeries will not support HTTP protocol on Mainconsole.
Device Pack v22.1 and v22.3 Support AI event are not compatible.

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