IP Security Solutions for Transportation
NUUO's feature-rich Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions are ideally suited to the security demands of fast paced transportation hubs, whatever their size. Whether the requirement is to monitor bus terminals, airports,depots etc., NUUO has the answer to protect passenger, staff, cargo, and critical infrastructure against any type of threat, criminal or terrorist attack and to aid effective incident management and evidence gathering. How NUUO Surveillance system can help you? Let's explore together.

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A Safe Transportation Environment
NUUO's solutions offer an efficient events management for the transportation market. NUUO Mainconsole supports the video analytics feature (IVS) ranging from people counting to tailgating; this feature is associated to 10 different instant responses. Plus, the I/O devices, and the LPR and access control systems via the 3rd Party Integration features, are also available. 

By deploying this surveillance solution, it's natural to keep the employees aware and more honest, resulting in a higher profit overall.

Driving Coverage
NUUO's solutions ensure that security guards have the best view of the action with multiple camera angles via the duplication of the camera in one user-friendly interface. In more complex transportation environments, NUUO Titan NVR which is a high-megapixel recording server with its "Image Fusion Technology" feature can combine 10 cameras to form a single view. And for large scale live video display the centralized matrix wall from NUUO CMS, can be used. 

Moving Ahead with Efficient Management
For incident management NUUO Remote Live Viewer supports connection to and remote viewing of live video. A step-up is NUUO CMS which adds central alarm handling and video wall display from multiple servers. Beyond this, NUUO Titan NVR also provides the management of multiple Titan servers. NUUO's solutions certainly score highly on the ability to identify what is happening and take action thanks to the various features like the video analytics and instant alerts. 

Data Safety
Holding data for evidential purposes is one of the major requirements in the transportation market. In terms of storage, NUUO's solutions support a number of RAID levels, data storage supports as iSCSI, and the redundant power system. Alongside this, NUUO offers a digital watermark when video is recorded plus a verification tool to check the authenticity of the exported video.

Packaging Data Storage
The ability to efficiently store data, and save storage space, is built-in to NUUO's solutions with the potential to select distinct recording modes depending on the transportation user's needs. These range from "always record" to "on motion", "event recording" and "boosting recording" modes.

Delivering a Return on Investment
Given the extensive nature of transportation hubs and budgetary pressures, NUUO Mainconsole Family and NUUO Crystal Family provide future expansion through the simple addition of an IP license or new DVR card.

Choose Your Business Scope
Enterprise Control Room Solution Wide Area Monitoring
• Centralized management for airport, port, mass transit etc. • Linux based Enterprise Management
• Instants alerts & responses
• Megapixel Recording Powerhouse
• Video Analytics support • External storage – iSCSI support
• 3rd Party Integration: access control, LPR  
• Data safety management  

Enterprise Control Room Solution
Your Challenges Functions You Need NUUO Solutions
NUUO  Control Room Solution NUUO  Recording Solution NUUO  Remote Client
• To manage instant view of all sites (e.g. metro stations, logistics centers etc.) Centralized Matrix Wall Management
• Display unlimited Matrix Wall
• View management: dedicate each monitor to one type of view (e.g. alarm tour …)
CMS • Mainconsole
• NVRmini2
• Mainconsole +
• Remote Live Viewer
• iViewer
• To get real-time alerts from all servers and all sites Centralized Alarms Management
• Interactive graphical representation of all cameras, I/O, access control etc. on E-map
• Instant alarm pop-up on window for Live view & Playback
• Centralized alarm database & event search
• To manage entrances, exits, and railways • I/O devices: detect intrusion, gate control etc. Mainconsole
• Access control & LPR integration
• To manage security & commercial • Video Analytics support: people counting, presence filter, direction, tailgating, stopping & instant responses
• To protect data • Failover backup system
• To manage small sites events • I/O devices: fire alarm, gate control etc. NVRmini 2
• E-map with indicators
• To protect data • Linux embedded
• RAID management

Wide Area Monitoring
Your Challenges Functions You Need NUUO Solutions
NUUO  Recording Solutions NUUO Remote Client
• To manage real-time events • I/O devices: detect intrusion, fire alarm etc. Titan NVR NuClient
• Edge Motion: record on event & alert on-screen display
• Live view window pop-up upon events
• To get a full view coverage • Image Fusion Technology - combine up to 10 cameras together to form a single view (e.g. port area)
• To monitor high ceiling & big premise • Up to 10-Megapixel camera
• Panomorph Camera (360°) support
• To protect people, valuable goods, and infrastructure • Megapixel Recording Powerhouse
• Intel 10Gb Ethernet Backbone
• Full SDK support
• To protect data • iSCSI support
• Redundant Power support (NT-8040RP)
• To manage multiple servers Main & Sub servers structure: chain up to 100 Titan NVR together
• Centralized E-map management
• Centralized events management
• Centralized I/O control panel

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