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The hospitality market, ranging from restaurants, gaming, hotels, and theme parks to convention centers, has many challenges that need to be met in order to create a positive customer experience. Offering a secure and friendly environment is a major priority for these institutions, alongside the guests’ safety and happiness. How NUUO Surveillance system can help you? Let's explore together. 


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A Safe and Friendly Environment for a Better Business
To ensure a secure and pleasant atmosphere, NUUO’s solutions offer a large range of features that support additional elements from I/O devices to 3rd Party Integration. The 3rd Party Integration key features include: POS which can reduce internal theft, access control to ensure the privacy of guests, LPR and Video Analytics. These features can also lead to improvements in business performance since they bring back satisfied customers and a greater potential for repeat businesses.

Extensive Options for Event Management
When an event is detected, the Smart Guard of NUUO Mainconsole can provide 10 types of instant response. Looking at NVRmini 2 and NUUO CMS, when an alert is triggered E-maps can pop-up with overlaid indicators to immediately highlight the location of the incident. By double-clicking on them, the live view and the instant playback can be immediately displayed; this feature is also available on NUUO Titan NVR.

Exclusive Access and and Efficient Management View
NUUO Mainconsole Family and NUUO Titan NVR support a range of authorization levels. Security guards can be offered various levels of authorized actions and views. This function is useful since it can increase guests’confidence particularly in first class business. For the view coverage, NUUO Image Fusion Technology from NUUO Titan NVR can gather 10 cameras together to build a combined single view. This full view coverage feature is particularly useful for crowd management.  In addition, via NUUO CMS, views from NUUO Mainconsole Family’s recorders can be easily displayed on a Matrix Wall which can also be set up to only show views when an event takes place.

Data Protection and Evidential Matters
Data storage and safety are a key priority for hospitality business owners since legal proof regarding possible incidents may be required. With all NUUO’s solutions, evidence can be easily exported from the live view or playback interface as video or image. After exporting, NUUO Verification Tool can certify that this material has not been altered. Turning to storage space saving, NUUO’s solutions offer various types of recording modes such as the “boosting record” mode from NUUO Mainconsole. High protection of the data is also available for instance through the Failover feature of NUUO Mainconsole. 

Anything and Anywhere Monitoring
All surveillance solutions from NUUO integrate remote control and control room solutions. NUUO Mainconsole Family offers a complimentary remote monitoring application via NUUO Remote Live Viewer. Multiple NVRmini 2 and NUUO Mainconsole can be connected to this tool. All of these recording servers can be combined with NUUO CMS and provide a complete centralized control solution with efficient video walls and alarms management support. About NUUO Titan NVR, a central management of events is also available through the main and sub-server structure. What's more, by using NUUO iViewer, every NUUO’s recorders solutions provide a remote management and playback via smartphones.

Meeting Strict Regulatory Requirements with Cost Effective Systems
NUUO’s solutions which are scalable and cost effective, fully respond to special requirements that come from a strict regulatory environment, e.g. for the casino projects, NUUO Mainconsole, a Tri-brid system, provides realtime live viewing. Beyond this, there are extra benefits such as Video Analytics which can be employed for the monitoring and marketing purposes.

Choose Your Business Scope
Turnkey Solution with POS Integration Tri-Brid Solution & 3rd Party Integration  High Megapixel Monitoring with Instant Playback
Smaller Businesses & Casual Activities Larger Businesses & First-class Services Open Space Management
• Small and turnkey solution with RAID management • 3rd Party Integration : access control, LPR, POS  • Crowd management with NUUO Image Fusion Technology 
• POS Integration: sweethearting reduction • Video Analytics : reduce theft, fraud and refrain violence • Instant verification through Instant Playback
• Remote Live view & Playback access: violence, vandalism detection • Instants events management with Instant Playback • Immediate snapshot/ video export as a legal proof 
• Multi-site management  • High protection of data : Failover & backup system • Data protection via RAID management
• e.g.: Hotels B&B, Restaurant Chains, Bars etc.  • Control Room solution • e.g.:Theme Park, Convention Center, Museum etc.
  • e.g.: Casino, Convention Center, Museum, Luxury Hotels etc.   

Smaller Businesses & Casual Activities
Your Challenges Functions You Need NUUO Solutions

NUUO  Recording Solution

NUUO Control Room Solution NUUO  Remote Client
• General monitoring : outdoor/indoor perimeters … • I/O devices: glass break detector etc.  NVRmini 2
• Remote Live Viewer
• iViewer
• To monitor transaction & cash-handling areas • POS Integration with transaction recording & data on-screen display
• To stop dine and dash situation • Cameras duplication
• Data protection and storage saving
• Dual Stream support
• Record on event mode
• RAID management
• To manage multiple sites and servers
Centralized events management 
• Unlimited layers of E-map with overlaid icons of cameras, POS, LPR etc.
•  Instant playback & event playback 
•  Event search & reporting tool
NVRmini 2
Centralized view management 
• View Tour, Camera Tour on Matrix Wall  
• Dedicated alarm monitor
Centralized users management 
• Users permissions levels
• Window Active Directory

Larger Businesses & First-class Services
Your Challenges Functions You Need NUUO Solutions
NUUO Recording Solution NUUO Control Room Solution NUUO Remote Client
• To detect blacklisted people from parking lots • LPR Integration Mainconsole   • Remote Live Viewer
• iViewer
• To protect exclusive areas, entrances and exits • Access Control Integration
• To enhance security and quality of the customers management • Video Analytics + I/O devices
• To protect the cash-handling area • POS Integration with efficient investigation through keyword search
• Prompt intervention to avoid major legal implication • Real-time recording
• 10 instant responses
• Panomorph Camera (360°) support
• Keyboard support to easily pan and zoom etc. 
• Instantly review incident to avoid fasle liability claims • Instant Playback in the Live view interface
• Playback with efficient search function
• Evidence certification through NUUO Verification Tool
• Data protection and storage saving • Boosting Record mode 
• Failover & Backup system
• To manage multiple sites and servers
Centralized events management 
• Unlimited layers of E-map with overlaid icons of cameras, POS, LPR etc.
•  Instant playback & event playback 
•  Event search & reporting tools
Mainconsole CMS 
Centralized view management 
• View Tour, Camera Tour on Matrix Wall  
• Dedicated alarm monitor  
Centralized users management 
• Users permissions levels
• Window Active Directory

Open Space Management
Your Challenges Functions You Need NUUO Solutions
NUUO Control Room Solution NUUO Remote Client
• To ensure a safe environment & enhance customers' satisfaction  • I/O devices: window magnetic detector, panic button etc.  Titan NVR NuClient
• Record on event mode with notification via email etc. 
• E-map with overlaid icons of cameras, I/O etc. to easily localize events 
• To provide efficient and rapid investigation • Instant Playback: check theft, resolve gaming dispute etc. 
• Easily search a period of time
• Snapshot/ export video for legal proof usage with NUUO Verification Tool
• High Megapixel large view coverage area • Up to 2-Megapixel recording x 64CH per recorder (250 Mbps throughput)
• NUUO Image Fusion Technology for crowd management etc. 
• Panomorph Camera (360°) support
• Efficient view management to increase security in exclusive areas • Private View & Public View 
• View Group & View Tour 
• Users permissions levels
• Data protection • Redundant Power support (NT-8040RP) 
• RAID management 
• Centralized management for multiple sites and servers
Main & Sub Servers Structure: up to 100 Titan NVR Servers  
• NUUO Command Chain Technology: synchronization of user name and password 
• Cross – recorder events management: cameras, I/O panel …
• Cross – recorder E-map management

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