Improving customer satisfaction and employee training through NUUO surveillance system

A whole new business operating strategy to integrate surveillance technology with customer satisfaction

Bojangles, a famous restaurant in Virginia, has always aimed to provide their customers with the best food and services. Bojangles worked with Global Surveillance System (GSS) and Job Sight, Inc. to design a customized surveillance system to provide them with easy to manage video monitoring for the following purposes: customer quality assurance, employee control & training, and exterior security. NUUO surveillance software realizes Bojanlges’ need to integrate surveillance technology with customer satisfaction.

NUUO secure in-and-outdoor environment with POS integration as well as mega-pixel and night view IR cameras

Bojangles’ customer satisfaction starts with the speed and efficiency of the line staff and cashiers. Supported by NUUO’s powerful surveillance management software, Mobotix mega-pixel dual-lens camera ensures a wide and close view of the customer line transactions. Besides, NUUO enables Zavio cube cameras to provide high resolution images and includes the capability to listen and record audio, which facilitates quality control and effectively manages employee training. For outdoor security, Bojangles installed a Mobotix mega-pixel on the north face of the building and two MESSOA’s high-resolution CCTV IR cameras on the south to monitor the 26 car parking lot and the drive-up windows during the day or night, all of which are managed by NUUO hybrid system to provide an around-the-clock safe and comfortable dining environment for Bojangles and their customers.

NUUO’s intelligent surveillance solution meets customer’s miscellaneous needs

NUUO’s open platform shows astonishing integration capability, which makes it work well with networked and CCTV cameras as well as the POS system. Furthermore, its smart video event analysis with video enhancement and counting application provides their clients a seamless monitor system with an easy-to-use graphic user interface. NUUO provides Bojangles with a smart and cost-effective way to improve customer satisfaction and employee training.



  • Organization: Bojangles
  • Location: United States
  • Industry: Retail
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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