DONG-JUN LTD. improves management and security through NUUO surveillance system

Security technology and big mobile manufactory in cooperation to succeed

DONG-JUN LTD. is a large manufacturer in China and has 9 branch companies and 2 subsidiary companies throughout China. It has been involved in research, replicas relojesmanufacturing, and service for seventy years. The main goals of DONG-JUN are high level of quality control, process control and the safety and efficiency of employees. NUUO surveillance software and VIVOTEK IP cameras have been installed to fulfill this goal.

NUUO intelligent detection and analysis technology monitor suspicious events

DONG-JUN adopted NUUO NVR to manage VIVOTEK IP cameras to monitor a 62,000 square meter area, including the entrances, parking lots, surrounding areas, product lines, etc. Both employees and visitors frequently enter or pass through these areas, so they become key places where surveillance is deemed necessary in order to prevent anyone purposely destroying, stealing and/or trespassing. With the NUUO counting application, security managers can calculate the number of people entering and exiting the area and completely monitor the situation. NUUO intelligent software is also helpful to prevent accidents and fires as well as fully monitoring the area by utilizing the smart detection and alarm system to ensure employee’s working safety. NUUO has built-in 6 categories of smart detections and 10 categories of alarms to enhance the efficiency of surveillance. NUUO pop-up E-map, which can figure out where and what happened when any unusual event occurs, is helpful for security guards to monitor all situations in this wide area. The security guard can also search videos by event when use playback, so that they can save precious time to find evidences or know fully what has happened.

Flexible and Expandable with no transfer cost

NUUO has a full and complete product line which includes DVR, Hybrid NDVR, NVR and CMS (Central Management System). NVR (IP+) can expand with a DVR card to become Hybrid NDVR, and it integrates 36 brands and 560 camera models. Therefore, when managers of DONG-JUN want to expand the firm or apply more cameras, the complete product line and open platform makes it easier and more flexible to expand the system to include both IP and analog cameras without any worry regarding compatibility costs and system risks. It also allows a userfriendly limit on the authority control system to improve different levels of management and to meet the needs of the organization’s hierarchy.rolex replika NUUO intelligent software is like a smart guard, who always controls the monitor schedule, records unusual events, responds instantly, and saves precious time for the managers. It not only helps managers to reduce the high cost of damage, stealing and risk, but also increases employee’s security and efficiency in a very friendly manner.



  • Organization: Dong-Jun Ltd.
  • Location: China
  • Industry: Industrial
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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