Red Bull utilizes NUUO intelligent surveillance software to ensure food safety

The largest energy drink company in China

Red bull, the leading manufacturer of energy drinks in the world, sells their products in over 140 countries. It is the biggest energy drink company in China and maintains three factories located in the north, central and south of China. Quality maintenance and process control are the main targets of the factory, as well as conforming to food safety regulations. Therefore, NUUO NVR IP+ and VIVOTEK IP cameras were installed in the Hubei factory to fulfill this target, and to provide evidence if there are any controversies regarding the production quality.

Monitor the production process with high video quality and low cost

VIVOTEK IP cameras were installed to monitor Red Bull’s warehouse, production line, logistic entrance, and distribution rooms to not only protect the equipment, ingredients and the product from theft, pollution or destruction, but also to prevent any interruption in the power supply. The employee’s restaurant and working places are also monitored to ensure that correct working procedures are followed and to increase employee safety and efficiency so that they can further improve management capabilities and quality control. NUUO NVR IP+ manages the whole system with their user-friendly interface for viewing live video on local/ remote sites and to record video for playback and exporting in case of any potential need for video evidence. To fulfill a high level of surveillance quality without any omissions, the security guards use NUUO with 6 kinds of smart detections and 10 kinds of alarms to react instantly when unusual events occur. They also utilize motion detection to prevent trespass. The intuitive interface enables users to define detection zones directly on the image by simple mouse drags. Any violations of off-limit boundaries will trigger alarms, alerting operators to take action, and the system can also trigger alarms when employees come near dangerous machinery, thus further ensuring their safety.

Record and Display in different frame rates and resolution to save storage and bandwidth cost

The system records all day and every day to strictly ensure the highest level of safety and quality, so NUUO Transcode is even more important in this system. NUUO Transcode enables the system to be displayed and recorded at different frame rates and resolution. The security guards can record images in high quality as evidence, and view the image at average/lower frame rates and resolution. This helps to save huge storage and bandwidth cost.replika órák The stable surveillance software which NUUO maintains with strict quality control is also necessary to meet the system’s requirements. NUUO surveillance software helps Red Bull to comply with health and safety regulations, as well as improve product and service quality. “It’s fairly easy to setup and use with the powerful functions. Most of all, it has the highest capability/ price value.” The system integrator has stated.



  • Organization: Red Bull
  • Location: China
  • Industry: Industrial
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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