Axis and NUUO cooperate to improve retail management

Managing multiple branches and control crowd

Anacleto Sanitarios, founded on 1952, is a company that specializes in the market of sanitary ceramic ware products and facilities. Nowadays this company is a leader in the market of modern state-of-the-arts products for the home bathroom as well as the construction business in Argentina. Large crowds of customers visit Anacleto Sanitarios’ three branches every day, so a surveillance system with stable operation and remote monitoring/ recording are helpful in saving management costs, improving service quality and preventing shoplifting.

NUUO manages AXIS IP cameras remotely to reduce theft and improve service

44CH of AXIS IP cameras were installed in three branches in different locations and are managed by NUUO NVR IP+. The server with NUUO NVR IP+ is installed at the Network Operating Center (NCO) to remotely manage the all cameras. The security guards monitor all situations in each branch by NUUO Remote Live View and Remote Playback on authorized PC. NUUO remote operation makes surveillance user-friendly and easier to access vital information anytime. The system conductor--Vimox SRL has stated “This system helps the managers to monitor all the branches at each moment.” The cameras are placed in entrances in order to watch and control public access, improve crowd management, and decrease disorder. They also ensure the service quality of sales staff and prevent theft by “keeping an eye” on the movements in tills, stores, and showrooms. The high level of surveillance and service quality makes customers feel at home when shopping for sanitary ware products.

Lower cost, lower risk and easier to expand

One of the analytical functions of NUUO Mainconsole is that it only records via motion detected, thus saving storage costs without leaving important image. NUUO surveillance software provides 6 kinds of analytical detections and 10 kinds of instant alarms, which help retail stores to react instantly when objects are missing or some people intrude into unauthorized areas. The system conductor Vimox SRL has also stated, “The company is very happy with the NUUO system and that is why they are planning to add 32 more cameras.” NUUO user-friendly software is also easy to expand when customers need to extend the scale of the company, or to broaden the range of camera locations. All they need to do is type in a new serial number and then users can instantly expand the amount of camera channels. Even if the customer wants to change from IP to analog cameras, or from analog to IP cameras, NUUO’s overall product line (NVR, Hybrid, DVR) and the openplatform- support of IP cameras can easily be expanded to meet their every need. In conclusion, an excellent surveillance software can do more than ensuring security. It not only further helps to manage crowds in retail stores, protects fragile and delicate ceramic products and decoration, but also prevents theft and increases management efficiency with the user-friendly functions and cost.



  • Organization: Anacleto Sanitarios
  • Location: Argentina
  • Industry: Retail
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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