Romanian Big-Box Retailer Stops Theft with Open NUUO Surveillance Platform

Customer Profile

Auchan is one of the largest retailers in the world. It is present in 12 countries through its four divisions: hypermarkets, supermarkets, shopping centers and banks. The Auchan Hypermarket division features big-box retail stores with a large warehouse layout. All of its stores in Romanian cities are the largest in the big-box segment and record the highest customer traffic. Auchan Group operates 616 hypermarkets, 759 supermarkets and 320 shopping centers worldwide.

Background & Solution

Loss prevention was a top priority at Auchan’s Hypermarkets. An integrated surveillance solution was required to watch over customers, employees and retail goods. When analog DVRs failed to meet needs at Auchan Hypermarkets, the store management looked for a reliable recording solution for future expansion. The video recording system had to record both IP and analog streams, and open to customer’s existing Fujitsu TP-X PoS system. NUUO Mainconsole provided all the functionality Auchan needed, with rapid deployment performed by local NUUO Certified Partner and integrator General Security. A total of 10 Auchan locations deployed NUUO Mainconsole for local record and monitoring. The NUUO CMS in Control Center centrally connected all stores via VPN. Each store used 149pcs analog cameras throughout the store and 16pcs 1.3-megapixel cameras at the entrances.


Easy integration made NUUO the perfect solution for Auchan’s monitoring needs. All PoS features were available for comprehensive integration. This allowed Auchan Hypermarket security to define events, such as when a transaction exceeded US$1,000, or when the goods got returned, then Mainconsole will alert the Control Center. After the event, the security personnel could search footage from multiple PoS devices by keyword, making it a breeze to identify key video and access events. The I/O devices, such as fire or burglar alarm, are easily managed by Mainconsole as well, sending the associated camera video to the Control Center upon event. Last, while always record at day time, the cameras switched to motion-based recording after store closed, providing peace of mind at any time of day, and saving the storage cost.



  • Organization: Auchan Hypermarket
  • Location: Romania
  • Industry: Retail
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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