NUUO Secures Pisa International Airport with AXIS, Samsung, Panasonic and Pelco

Securing Pisa International Airport Galileo Galilei while fulfilling multiple demands in the complex

Galileo Galilei is an important international airport in Pisa, Italy, serving thousands of people and facilitating their business trips and tourist journeys. To manage complicated events in such a complex area, which includes the air terminal, cargo storage areas, parking areas, car rental areas, etc, a highly flexible and efficient surveillance solution is necessary. Bridge 129 spa an italian system integrator specialized in customized intelligent control systems, choose NUUO hybrid video surveillance solution to manage over 200 cameras from analog, PTZ to IP cameras with multiple camera brands from AXIS, Samsung, Panasonic and Pelco. The result has been high level security and service quality.

Most flexible with the hybrid system and widest support of IP camera brands

The system have had several analog cameras in the beginning, and for the integration of IP cameras in the plan and existing analog cameras, they adopt NUUO 7000 series as well as adding IP license to conduct a flexible hybrid system. NUUO complete product line and the all-in-one interface structure ensures that the subsequent IP camera installation plan is easier, without migration costs nor further training costs for the software interface, and however big the system expansion, NUUO central management system can always meet the demand. The wide supporting of IP camera brands also enlarges the flexibility. IP and analog cameras from AXIS, Samsung, Panasonic and Pelco were adopted without any integration problems because NUUO supports 38 brands, over 700 models of popular and well-known camera brands, thus fulfilling different concerns regarding camera choices.

The Central Management System makes surveillance seamless and efficient for large scale, high-level projects

The cameras are connected to NUUO hybrid systems in 13 server rooms and all servers are connected to two different central control rooms simultaneously, where NUUO Central Management Systems manage all servers and view all video by matrix. CMS E-map is beneficial for the supporting of unlimited layers of e-maps from camera sites, server sites, as well as from the total airport complex. This is vital for the central management in this big, complex area. They also utilize CMS alarm management, which supports 45 kinds of alarms with the set priority and powerful search of video stream by alarms. With these two functions,replicas relojes wherever unusual events happen, security management instantly discover and track the event and take all action necessary for the safety and security of all concerned. The system integrator from Bridge 129 has also said, “In order to control several areas from the main control station, users need a direct and intuitive association between camera views and maps. NUUO E-map satisfies their needs thanks to the cameras geolocation ability that, with alarm management, allows a rapid and conscious control of the situation. CMS is ideal for large-scale and high level enterprise projects.”



  • Organization: Pisa Airport
  • Location: Italy
  • Industry: Transportation
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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