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About Lazarus Motor Company

Lazarus Motor Company is located in Centurion south of Pretoria, easily accessible from the major highways around Gauteng. Situated next to the N1 highway, the company is highly viable due to its modern design, prime location and state of the art building.

Previous System Information 

● 115 CCTV Cameras
● 102 Fixed Cameras
● 13 Dome/PTZ Cameras
● 8 PC Based Digital Video Recorders
● 25 Video Monitors Limitations
● High Cost of Expandability & Replacement
● Infrastructure Costs is High and prone to lightning
● Cable Routes and space is limited and costly to replace
● Poor quality images & recordings
● 80% of Cameras had no backup power

New Digital System 

Why Network Video ? Total 138 Fixed Digital HD 1MP Cameras Total 6 High Speed Digital HD 1MP PTZ Dome Cameras
● Higher Image quality with HDTV and Megapixel
● More functionality than an analog cameras
● Extensive application support and ease of integration
● Extensive networking functionality and security
● Power over Ethernet
● Distributed Intelligence

Network Video Recoding

● Quantity: 115 Cameras, 8 PC Based NUUO NVR Machines
● Support Megapixel cameras, IP cameras and video servers.
● PTZ reaction presets and distance operations
● Digital PTZ and Multi-dynamics viewer
● Triple Monitor Display ( two for live video and one for playback recording video)
● Smart detection of 6 different camera events
● 10 Immediate reaction for event detection
● Counting Application
● I/O Devices Integration
● Multifunctional Playback System with Intelligent Search
● Remote live viewer, playback backup, IO control, desktop configuration
● Alarm source of NUUO Central Management system
● Compatible with Joystick
● Most Friendly Graphic User Interface
● E-Map
● Database rebuild tool
● With NUUO SCB-C31 box to integrate POS and Cash Registers.



  • Organization: Lazarus Motor
  • Location: South Africa
  • Industry: Retail
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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