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NUUO is supporting Wintek, a Nokia’s vendor, to help maintain a secure environment

“Wintek, one of Nokia’s international vendors, has built facilities, as co-developers of the telecom special economic zone, in Chennai, India,” reports The Hindu newspaper. The Nokia Telecom Park has already signed up seven suppliers, including the leading supplier of mobile panels, Wintek Corporation. NUUO participated in the process of installing surveillance systems and provided Wintek with a secure environment.

IP surveillance system reduces costs and provides a “no distance limitation” solution

In the first phase, Wintek installed NUUO IP solution to monitor 101 IP cameras, including 48 megapixel cameras, in their Indian plant, and it will install more IP cameras in the future. Given the reduced cost, Wintek decided to build a NVR solution that does not need coaxial cables and traditional adapters. In addition, the most important factor is that the IP solution has no distance limitation. Working through the Internet, NUUO IP solution can provide up to 64 cameras in one main console. Therefore, Wintek only needs to build its IP surveillance with three NUUO main consoles to monitor the whole factory and production process.

Instant respond to unusual events from the production lines

In order to monitor facilities at night, Wintek set up a general motion video in the warehouse as well as a missing object video on some precious products to monitor production process. In addition, Wintek set up two functions, camera occlusion and lose focus, to monitor the outside of the plant to make sure the cameras keep working and prevent any damage to the plant. NUUO provides the director of Wintek with the abilitity to take action immediately when two instant responses react: email and SMS. Moreover, E-map also helps Wintek to manage each camera site to assist security personnel when damage happens. They can know the location of the event and see the live video simultaneously.



  • Organization: Wintek
  • Location: India
  • Industry: Industrial
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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