Chestnut Oaks - Adult Lifestyle Community

To protect the uptown community in Washington DC with NUUO NVRmini standalone solution

In order secure more than 200 condominiums, Chestnut Oaks decided to choose NUUO surveillance system to control and monitor environment of building and safety of residents. Chestnut Oaks is an adult community designed for comfort, convenience, and the ease of living next to Washington DC. Chestnut Oaks is voted as the best 50+ community in the USA.

NUUO NVRmini standalone is a perfect fit for any SMB

Most small-and-medium businesses (SMB), like Chestnut Oaks, do not have budget to hire added security or IT personnel to monitor safety of people and environment. The best solution for SMB is to choose NUUO NAS NVRmini Standalone to manage cameras, because NAS NVRmini offers end-users an easy installation and competitive price with the best quality. Chestnut Oaks worked with Surveillance Secure to install multiple surveillance cameras to cover their entire complex. “The cameras monitoring the entrance to the complex were configured with the door entry systems so as to broadcast live content on the televisions of the residents who could view the video to confirm whether they wished to grant access to the building.” (Surveillance Secure)

Easy installation and great expandability on a virus free operating platform

NUUO NAS NVRmini Standalone offers the best solution to help end-users even if they do not have IT or Security technical knowledge, because it is easy to install and free from PC crashes and virus attack. “It's easy enough to manually add cameras where you provide a meaningful name,” says by Dave Mitchell of Trusted Reviews in the UK. NUUO NAS NVRmini Standalone is appropriate for small-and-medium size businesses. It supports eight cameras at the same time and could use live view to provide direct access to all active video feeds and you can view the maximum of eight cameras in the same screen. Moreover, end-users could also monitor cameras by remote live view or Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 so as to provide convenience for end-users to control safety of environment anytime.



  • Organization: Chestnut oak
  • Location: United States
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Solution: NUUO NVRMini 2

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