TsUM – World Renowned Shopping Center

A Masterpiece of the 19th Century

Built in 1880, TsUM is the biggest and one of the most renowned fashion department stores in Eastern Europe. Today, it is a famous tourism spot in Moscow which houses more than 1000 shops and is filled with luxurious brands. Attracting over tens of thousands of visitors every day, TsUM is faced with the challenge of keeping all the tourist, shoppers and vendors safe around the clock.

Critical Security Challenges in the Past

One of the biggest challenges in the past was the poor video quality of the old analog-based system. A lot of times the security officers find themselves in situations where they are unable to identify the person and would miss a lot of details in an incident due to deprived video quality and narrow view coverage. These video would often be deemed worthless to a police investigation which destroys the purpose of having a surveillance system in place. In addition, the storage space is limited only to 2 weeks and it is truly hideous to perform video and event search when needed. Officers were in constant battle when trying to look up an event and export the video. All of which were too confusing and time consuming. It’s just not worth it.

Key Surveillance Improvement Today

To solve all of their surveillance issues at hand, TsUM deployed 2x NUUO Titan NVR to record total of 69 4-Megapixel cameras (Sanyo HD-2100). Each 4-Megapixel covers more than 32x more details than their original analog cameras. This installation was successfully complete by Russian System Integrator Company - Soling. Through the strong cooperation between NUUO and Soling, TsUM's old surveillance system has been greatly improved. Titan NVR features a specialized File Ring recording engine which is optimized for megapixel data storing and retrieving. Now the security officers can really put the recorded video to good use and identify everything in details during an incident. Moreover, Titan NVR offers tons of storage space for well over 30 days of recording time. Both Titan comes with 24 TB of internal storage and is connected to an external 72 TB iSCSI storage. The 120 TB capacity covers all of the storage needs today plus room for future expansion as 59 more megapixel cameras could potentially be added. Another huge benefit for the TsUM is how simple it is to use Titan to perform varies functions. Officers can initiate instant playback with a single mouse click, snapshot and export video with another click. Titan NVR is also optimized to utilize megapixel images. TsUM is able to clone varies 4-Megapixel cameras to show the same camera multiple times with each clone focusing on a zoomed region of interest. This way, they can really maximize the use of their megapixel field of view and enjoy the incredible details it offers. Camera cloning and region of interest are both handy but rare features on high end network video recorder. Titan NVR brings them together.



  • Organization: TsUM
  • Location: Russia
  • Industry: Retail
  • Solution: NUUO Titan NVR

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