Georgia's single largest petrol and diesel importer monitors its petroleum stations with NUUO Mainconsole

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SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd (SGP) is Georgia's sole importer of petrol and diesel. Today, it has 30 petroleum stations in the capital and 60 across the country as a whole. It is a fast-growing company whose management plans to expand its network to 90 petroleum stations.


SGP's surveillance system was formerly based on IP camera bundled software but when a new Georgian law came into effect, the whole system had to be overhauled. The new law obliges petroleum stations to provide real-time monitoring using 3 megapixel cameras with the data for each installed camera stored for at least 1 month. This regulation also requires continuous recording and 24-hour monitoring of the stations.


To address these challenges, Georgia's major importer of petrol and diesel decided to call on NUUO’s solutions. They use NUUO Mainconsole IP+ combined with Arecont Vision (AV3105DN) and Mobotix (M24-Sec) IP cameras. 
Presently, up to 310 IP cameras are installed in 30 of SGP's petroleum stations and each site is equipped with one PC running NUUO Mainconsole recording server with approximately 10 IP cameras.rolex falsi Every site carries out local real-time recording with a local view enabling station managers to protect their businesses. At the same time, the 30 recorders are remotely accessed and centralized by SGP headquarters via fiber and a PoE switch. One of the requirements for this project is continuous recording and NUUO Mainconsole provides different recording modes which include an "Always Record" mode. 
On top of this, 10 instant responses are bundled into this recorder, providing complete support for petroleum station owners reacting promptly to hostile incidents (e.g. a dine and dash). Furthermore, remote central management of events is possible as the 30 recorders are centralized by SGP headquarters through a NUUO Remote Live Viewer. Thanks to this complementary application, SGP management can use multiple recording servers to simultaneously bring up a live view, access remote events management (i.e. PTZ control, E-map, I/O devices), and enjoy real-time notification. This makes for improved security, enhanced customer satisfaction, and another feather in the cap of SGP.


NUUO Mainconsole enables full adherence to Georgian government regulations. However, it does much more than this: it is a complete long-term solution for SGP as the petroleum company is planning further expansion in the near future. This solution has a conspicuously friendly interface while also being an open-platform system with an easy licensing mechanism. The most important thing is that it can be used with NUUO CMS enabling a control room solution. As SGP management itself states, “We decided to use NUUO’s solutions for the following reasons: stability of the system, easy maintenance through the easy licensing mechanism, plus the most crucial point: high potential for continued implementation of NUUO CMS for our advanced central monitoring needs as we grow and develop in the future.” 



  • Organization: SOCAR Georgia Petroleum
  • Location: Georgia
  • Industry: Retail
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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