The food retailer, Delhaize Group, installs NUUO Titan NVR to protect its business in Belgium

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Founded in Belgium in 1867, the Delhaize Group is a food retailer active in three regions globally: Europe, North America, and Asia. Operating food supermarkets is their core business and they presently have nearly 3,000 stores in eight countries. 


Expanding its stores and operating under a variety of brand names, the Belgium retailer has recently inaugurated three new stores inits home country. They required a surveillance system which is easy toinstall and delivers high quality images. 


To respond immediately to these requirements, Autosoft Security, the system integrator, installed one Titan NVR (NT-4040) in each of the three stores (Delhaize Turnhout, Delhaize Vosselaar and Delhaize Bolderberg)in combination with Zavio (D5111, D7110) IP cameras. In total, 46 IP cameras have been installed and every site carries out localrecording using 1.3 Megapixels as the recording resolution. Since 34 IP cameras were installed in the Delhaize Turnhout store, it was designated to house the Control Room, with the two other stores each installing 6 IP cameras.

In the Delhaize Vosselaar and Delhaize Bolderberg stores, the managersare using local displays via the VGA out on Titan NVR (NT-4040) for viewing and monitoring their premises. Simultaneously, each recorder is remotely accessed and centralized in the Delhaize Turnhout store via ADSL and a PoE switch. At the biggest store, which houses the Control Room, there is no local display since NUUO NuClient (Internet/Software), via the Main and Sub servers structure, provides central management of the whole system. Thanks to this structure, the Delhaize Turnhout store manager can gain full control of all sites. Moreover, as Titan NVR is a Megapixel Recording Powerhouse (up to 250Mbps), all views are displayed on one full HD-TV connected to one computer, with this allowing high-level, meticulous monitoring. Another interesting feature is the ”anytime and anywhere” monitoring. As such, NUUO iViewer for MobilePhone applications responds immediately to main requests and, regardless of time or place, the Delhaize store management can quickly view their stores using their smartphones. 

Moreover, data safety and storage space savings are frequent requestedin the retail vertical market. For this project, the three new stores all employ the internal storage of Titan NVR (NT-4040): total internalstorage runs up to 8TB per recorder using RAID 5, and all data is retained for 14 days. As to storage space savings,this is made possible thanks to the two recording modes of "always record" and "record on event."


As the manager of Delhaize, Dirk Boeren, states: “With NUUO Titan NVR, we can easily find what we are looking for in the recorded videos. Plus, we don’t need special training to use this recorder and the images are in high quality.” Indeed, by utilizing the 'search' function on the playback interface, store managers can rapidly find what they need. An ease-of-use interface is crucial since retailers may not have the time to manage a complicated surveillance solution. For this purpose, Titan NVR delivers the foremost user-friendly interface with no right clicks and no functions hidden. 



  • Organization: Delhaize Group
  • Location: Belgium
  • Industry: Retail
  • Solution: NUUO Titan NVR

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