NUUO Titan NVR Secures Thailand Seacon Bangkae Shopping Mall via High Megapixel Surveillance

Customer Profile

Seacon Bangkae is a large-scale shopping mall that opened in the Bang Khae District of Bangkok, Thailand in September 2012. The mall occupies a vast site and comprises 250 specialty shops including department stores, restaurants, and a state-of-the-art entertainment complex serving the leisure needs of west Bangkok's neighboring communities. 

Background & Solution

With a 5-level superstructure and a 1-level understructure to house management, the newly opened Seacon Bangkae building occupies 300,000 square meters in total along the PetchKasem Road. It offers 170,000 square meters of leasable space and a parking lot accommodating 4,000 cars. Property management of a site this large is always a challenge. Seacon Bangkae called for a solution to fully ensure visitor safety, monitor the parking lot, and exert control over the whole site. NUUO answered Seacon Bangkae’s call with NUUO Titan NVR, which provides mall central management with a high-performance megapixel recording solution utilizing a large group of IP cameras to deliver uncompromised control over the entire property. 


Seacon Bangkae decided to deploy high megapixel cameras in the1.3 to 2 megapixel range. The massive 250Mbps throughput of the NUUO Titan NVR makes high megapixel recording and storage possible. This enables Seacon Bangkae to create a secure and comfortable shopping environment for its customers as management can be alert to any suspicious individual(s) or inappropriate behavior, and video-capture license plate numbers in the parking area.

Because Seacon Bangkae wants the highest in security standards, they requested 24/7 recording. The trade-off is that high megapixel recording requires huge storage management (with 174 cameras in the 1.3~2M range, recording 24/7 consumes about 30TB per month). Thanks to the external storage option NUUO Titan NVR offers (DAS and iSCSI), Seacon Bangkae can expand its total internal and external storage of 5 NUUO Titan NVR to 180TB. As such, the mall can easily retain high megapixel video for nearly six months at a time.

What’s more, NUUO Titan NVR provides users with dual Ethernet ports to separate the recording stream sent from the cameras and the viewing stream requested from the client PCs. This not only enhances system reliability but also lowers the risk of network overload.

Lastly, NuClient, NUUO Titan NVR client software, helps property managers centrally control and receive live feeds and playback video from 5 NUUO Titan NVRs (one per each of the five floors). The property manager can thus efficiently monitor the gates, the elevatorson each floor, and the parking lot in a synchronized/coordinated manner and be fully aware of everything happening on the site. 



  • Organization: Seacon Bangkae Shopping Mall
  • Location: Thailand
  • Industry: Retail
  • Solution: NUUO Titan NVR

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