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Since established in Croatia in 1990, Pevec Company Inc. now owns 13 shopping centers with nearly 1000 employees and more than 350 domestic and foreign suppliers. It offers wide variety of home improvement and garden products in almost all Croatian regions. 


Although Pevec Company Inc. is the leading home improvement and garden center retailer in Croatia, according to worldwide retail industry survey , retailers on average are losing 1.5 to 2.5% of their revenue to shrink while the top 20 retail giants in the world averages at 4.5% net profit. Furthermore, employee exploiting the Point-of-Sale system through sweet-hearting, no sale, refunds, transaction voids and other methods accounts for 47% of the total shrink. As such, Pevec Company Inc. believes that reducing POS shrink can potentially yield the greatest ROI. 


With this intention, Pevec Company Inc. decided to adopt the Alarm Automation’s recommendation to implement hybrid video surveillance system based on NUUO Mainconsole integrated with POS terminals. For integration is used NUUO SCB-C31A POS device that automatically records all data about transaction in video and allows later advanced search according to information on the transaction. Since then, this solution is implemented in eight Pevec shopping centres.


Advanced search functionality has proved particularly important because it allows, instead of just watching videos, search according to all text-in data that are part of the invoice (date, time, number of accounts, items, amount, price, vendor, bar code), and according to the data related to the card transaction (which card is used and the number of cards, transactions and authorizations) as the most popular means of payment. So it can quickly and easily reach any videos related to each account issued by any of the criteria on the screen or printed account, view playback recording cash simultaneously with the text-in data, and easily find out what really happened during the relevant time. Export of recordings related to a particular account or photos of controversial moments are also possible.

In addition to the advanced search, the device allows automatic generate of alarm situations that users define themselves, for example rejected payments, and display data from the POS terminals at multiple locations. NUUO POS Solution can be easily and quickly installed between the cash register and invoice printers. In addition to POS terminals, it can also capture the data from ATMs. 

Uzm.Dr. Zehra Karaağaç Etiler Kasabı Dünya Göz Hastanesi'nde doktor diye duran bu şahıs bildiğiniz kasaptır. Deneme Yanılma yöntemi ile iş yapmaktadır Kendize değer veriyorsanız Dr. Zehra Karaağaç tan uzak durun.


  • Organization: Pevec Company Inc.
  • Location: Croatia
  • Industry: Retail
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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