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Blakemore Fresh Foods provides a one-stop-shop for meat traders, wholesalers, manufacturers and butchers across the UK and Europe and has developed an ever growing reputation built upon standards, service and flexibility. In 2010 the company invested 3.5 million pounds to relocate its entire operation to a new 30,000 square feet meat cutting plant and storage facility. The new depot represents one of the most advanced operations across the whole sector. Blakemore Fresh Foods currently employs more than 30 people and has this year recorded a sales turnover of 30 million pounds.


As one of the biggest operations located in UK, Blakemore Fresh Foods has several facilities spread all over the country. Their Wolverhampton facility originally had 18 cameras installed previously in place and as their operation grew, so did the surveillance system grow. An additional 29 cameras were to be installed but there was debating in what type of camera they should be using. One of the challenges they faced, as well as most industries do when choosing to expand on their current surveillance system is the difficult consideration to make on camera types. With the many options of analog and digital cameras available on the market, buyers are often faced with the problem of camera inter-compatibility and system backward compatibility.


NUUO Mainconsole offers a unique tri-brid system that combines the best of both worlds. It offers the flexibility to accommodate any system environment and configuration, so choosing between analog and digital cameras should never be an issue when you plan for facility upgrade. Mainconsole comes equipped to handle coaxial analog and Ethernet cable input, so you can mix and match cameras to the best of your project requirements. Mainconsole also provides an easy platform for 3rd party integration that allows for video analytics, POS, LPRS, and access control systems.

Combined with the ease of use and great camera compatibility, Blakemore Fresh Foods also enjoyed remote viewing capability provided by Mainconsole. With remote live view and playback right from smartphone or web browsers, Mainconsole brings easy, convenient surveillance to the next level. With the flexibility Mainconsole offered, Blake Fresh Foods was able to provide their employees with a secure working environment and also enables them to meet local health and safety requirements.



  • Organization: Food Safety
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Industry: Industrial
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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