NUUO Channel Partner Program​

The NUUO Channel Partner Program provides many ways to differentiate your business and drive growth and profitability for your company. The following framework will provide you a high level overview of NUUO channel partners’ the benefits of the programs available to you to succeed in your market.

NUUO Education Services
NUUO deploys advanced, comprehensive technologies to bring surveillance camera performance up to the highest standards. As part of our effort to assist customers maximize the value of NUUO solutions, NUUO Education Services provide training and certification in NUUO’s full range of product lines to both sales managers and technicians. Combining lectures with hands-on practice, NUUO’s training courses and certification process upgrade partner knowledge of product functionality and inform partners how to properly quote and implement NUUO solutions across a variety of vertical markets.

Standard Training 

NUUO understands that comprehensive training is the cornerstone of successful client engagement. Hence our training is divided into two sections: General Course (GE) and Technical Advanced (TA).

NUUO Certification Program

Build your understanding of NUUO product and solution to move your business forward.

GE provides entry level

GE provides entry level training for those curious to know more about NUUO. Upon its completion, attendees will have a basic command of all NUUO product lines and their main features and specifications. The GE course features three on-line videos, so customers can complete the course at their convenience anytime, anywhere. The course is currently available in English and Spanish.

Video Courses     On-line Test

Technical Advanced Course

The Technical Advanced Course equips attendees with the ability to handle everything from estimating project requirements to project installation, with this including configuration, daily usage and basic tech support for all NUUO solutions. The TA course can be customized in accordance with customer preferences. Covering each of its product lines, NUUO TA training offers 5 types of courses in total.

Classroom Training  On-line Test

Certification Program
NUUO provides certification programs for each of the training courses to validate technical skills, knowledge, and competence. Certified partners are expected to be able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills using and managing NUUO applications effectively. Although each product varies in complexity and depth, all certification exams are created specifically for customers and cover core elements measuring technical knowledge against factors such as installation, configuration, product administration and day-to–day maintenance and troubleshooting. The Certification Program enables NUUO users to earn different levels of certification in accordance with the corresponding training courses and to fulfill partner-level requirements.


Become a NUUO Certified Partner

Benefits of Training and Certification Program

  •   *Upgraded skill sets
  •   *Enhanced demonstration expertise
  •   *Certified GE and TA Logo
  •   *Qualified to apply to the NUUO Partner Program


Certification Name: GE – General
Description: Video Course
Certiftestcate Exam: GE

Technical Advance

Certification Name: 
TA – NUUO Crystal™
TA – NVRmini 3
TA – Mainconsole
Description: On-site Training 
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How to get Certified

NUUO Certification offers a complete learning experience, turning you and your team to our product experts.

Choose the suitable way to begin learning


Self-paced training

Learn the skills in your on time, wherever and whenever you are.

Sign up for a NUUO Academy account to begin your journey.


Instructor-led training

Join a live session of in-depth and dedicated training hosted by our certified trainers.

Contact us to arrange your next session.

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