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Shrinkage remains the No. 1 problem the retailers are facing. This issue becomes severer in the uncertain economic situation. Retailers’ revenue loss has eaten a noticeable percentage of retail sales. Shoplifters and employee theft are the top two sources of revenue shrinkage. As smaller margin hurts everyone from small business owners to the international retail chains, retailers pursue higher security levels to guard their profit and assets.


Industrial installations certainly represent a major security, safety, and operational challenge, with their specialist processes, commercially sensitive information, valuable materials, plant, and equipment. To enhance protection, and provide a bigger picture view of these critical facilities, NUUO’s Intelligent Surveillance Solutions are being deployed across a wide array of industrial sectors, whether it be automotive, manufacturing, utilities, etc.


NUUO’s feature-rich Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions are ideally suited to the security demands of fast-paced transportation hubs, whatever their size. Whether the requirement is to monitor bus terminals, airports, depots, etc. NUUO has the answer to protect passengers, staff, cargo, and critical infrastructure against any type of threat, criminal or terrorist attack, and to aid effective incident management and evidence gathering.


The hospitality market, ranging from restaurants, gaming, hotels, and theme parks to convention centers, has many challenges that need to be met in order to create a positive customer experience. Offering a secure and friendly environment is a major priority for these institutions, alongside the guests’ safety and happiness.


Safety and security remain high on the agenda for school. College and university leaders are charged with a duty of care to their students, and staff and to protect valuable assets. From high profile shooting incidents to vandalism, and the theft of IT equipment, widely open education campuses represent a challenging environment where security is concerned.


Banks remain at the top of the target list for today’s criminal gangs. Robbers are resorting to more extreme measures, from carrying firearms to even taking the employees of the bank hostage. Given this high threat level, it is essential that the surveillance system can deter attacks, manage incidents, gather, and protect video evidence, and enhance coordination with law enforcement officers. 
Also, because of the bank industry itself, the data stored in the banks system is also the target to be attacked, either via the Internet by hackers, or vandalism by robbers. Therefore, keeping the data safe and stable is another crucial challenge in today’s era.


Terrorist attacks, organized crime, and other acts of violence are eventualities that every city worldwide must prepare for. NUUO’s Intelligent Surveillance Solutions are being deployed to assist governments in providing public safety, along with improving the image of their cities, and facilitating the economic and cultural development of their countries. This presents numerous challenges in the government’s vertical market.

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