Modbus Trigger

NUUO NVR integrates Modbus TCP/IP for enhanced monitoring and control. Users can connect Modbus devices and receive real-time data. Simplified setup for efficient operations.

The Modbus integration feature of NUUO NVR enables direct communication and data reception using the Modbus TCP/IP protocol. While it doesn’t replace SCADA, it allows for accessing Modbus sensor values within a non-SCADA architecture. Leveraging the capabilities of the Crystal system, it enables functions such as numerical monitoring, visualized management, alarm notifications, and interactive control.

By integrating Modbus, NUUO NVR provides the following capabilities:

  1. Monitoring and Recording: NUUO NVR can receive and monitor data from Modbus sensors, such as temperature, humidity, and pressure. When predefined conditions are met, NUUO NVR can trigger video recording based on the received Modbus data, facilitating real-time recording and monitoring of relevant events.
  2. Alarms and Notifications: Through communication with Modbus devices, NUUO NVR can monitor sensor status based on predefined conditions. It can trigger alarms and send notifications when abnormalities occur, or it exceeded thresholds are exceeded. These alarms can be delivered through audible alerts, emails, SMS, and other methods to notify relevant personnel.
  3. Data Logging: NUUO NVR can receive data sent by Modbus devices and log it for subsequent analysis and processing. This allows users to understand device performance, trends, and anomalies, supporting decision-making and troubleshooting.

The integration empowers customers to process Modbus sensor data directly within NUUO NVR, eliminating the need for additional SCADA systems or middleware. It enables a more robust and flexible monitoring and control system, catering to automation and security requirements across various scenarios and needs.

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